WSSC Affordability Programs

Supporting our neighbors when they need help the most.

WSSC is committed to making your water and sewer bills more affordable. We’ve enhanced our Affordability Programs to provide financial assistance to more customers. Eligible residential customers can make payment arrangements and significantly reduce their WSSC bills.

Need help now? The following programs are available. Get started by calling 301-206-4001.

Bill Adjustments

Bill adjustments are available to residential customers once every three years under certain circumstances. WSSC can work with you if you need help with:

Leaks: Leaks result in higher water bills that can cause financial strain. Homeowners who have been responsible for their property and have fixed leaks that caused a high bill may be eligible for an adjustment. More info at  

Other High Bill Causes: Other adjustments for unexpectedly high bills may be available, including for medical reasons.

Flexible Payment Options

WSSC offers flexible payment options, including extended due dates and payment plans to assist with unexpected financial hardship.

The Water Fund

The Water Fund was established in 1994 by WSSC employees. Funded by donations from WSSC customers, employees and community partners, The Water Fund provides eligible customers with up to $300 credit on their bill once per year.

The Water Fund is administered by the Salvation Army in your county.

Montgomery County Salvation Army: 301-515-5354
Prince George’s County Salvation Army: 301-277-6103   

Customer Assistance Program (CAP)

Provides a credit for WSSC’s fixed fees on water and sewer bills of up to $28 per quarterly bill. Customers who are enrolled in Maryland’s Office of Home Energy Programs (OHEP) qualify for this program. This program applies to renters when the tenant is the responsible billing party.

To enroll, contact OHEP: 800-332-6347 or

Bay Restoration Fund Exemption

Waives the state-mandated Bay Restoration Fund (BRF) Fee of up to $15 per quarterly bill. Customers who are enrolled in WSSC’s Customer Assistance Program automatically qualify for this program.

How do I register for these programs?

Get started by calling 301-206-4001. Our customer service representatives will help you determine the programs that are best for your situation. Because our programs are administered by different agencies there may be separate applications and eligibility requirements for each assistance program.

What will I need to confirm eligibility?

All programs require that you be a customer of WSSC receiving a bill in your name. You will need to present picture identification and proof that your income falls within the established threshold. For programs administered by the Office of Home Energy Programs, you must provide copies of social security cards for your entire household.

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