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WSSC Water Commissioners recently approved several measures to enhance our financial assistance programs to help more income-constrained customers pay their water/sewer bills. The approval includes an extension to enrollment in the Customer Assistance Program (CAP), creating a leak repair program for CAP-enrolled customers and enhancements to High Bill Adjustments for those enrolled in CAP. Details on the assistance program enhancements and effective dates are as follows: 

Enhanced Bill Adjustment Program 

  • Effective January 1, 2024, CAP, non-CAP and single-unit commercial customers impacted by certain eligible high bills may qualify for an adjustment for up to two consecutive billing periods in any three-year period. 
  • CAP customers will now qualify for a High Bill Adjustment if the high usage is at least 2.5 times greater than their historical usage. 
  • The program adds a sewer-only adjustment for water lost to a leak that does not enter the sewer system. Example: A leak from an outside hose bib – resulting in water leaking to the ground and not returning to the wastewater collection system. 
  • To be eligible, a receipt from a plumber or sworn customer affidavit is required. 

Customer Assistance Program (CAP) Extension 

  • Effective July 1, 2024, enrollment for CAP customers will be extended from one year to two years. CAP customers typically have to reenroll beginning every July 1 through the Office of Home Energy Programs (OHEP). Interested customers can apply here

New CAP Leak Repair Program 

  • CAP-enrolled customers impacted by an on-property leak will be eligible to participate in this new program, which is expected to be rolled out in fall 2024. 
  • The new program will be administered by a third-party nonprofit selected by WSSC Water and repairs must be made by a WSSC Water-registered plumber. 
  • The total cost of services provided to any CAP customer cannot exceed $9,000.

Download the CAP brochure               Descargue nuestro folleto de CAP

WSSC Water has a Customer Assistance Program (CAP) that provides financial assistance to approved residential customers. If you are enrolled in the Office of Home Energy Program (OHEP), you qualify for CAP. To enroll, apply for energy assistance directly through the OHEP offices. WSSC Water will continue waiving late fees for those enrolled in CAP, which provides a credit for fixed fees (including the Bay Restoration Fund fee).

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NOTE: Please confirm that your OHEP enrollment is current to ensure that you continue to receive the WSSC Water CAP credit. To enroll in the program, customers must first apply for energy assistance directly through the Maryland Office of Home Energy Programs. The OHEP application and instructions are available in both English and Español.

Montgomery County Dept. of Health and Human Services
1301 Piccard Drive
Rockville, MD 20850
(240) 777-4450

Prince George’s County Community Services 
425 Brightseat Road
Landover, Md. 20785
(301) 909-6300

 CAP customers receive the following benefits: 

  • Exempt from Ready to Serve Charges, also known as fixed fees. 
  • Exempt from the state-mandated Bay Restoration fee. 
  • Only charged for water and sewer usage. 
  • Eligible for payment plans up to 48 months. 
  • Late fees permanently waived. 
  • Free annual plumbing inspection for water leaks. 
  • Eligible to receive high-bill adjustment removing 100% of excess water/sewer usage for one billing cycle in any three-year period. 
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For more information or questions on how to apply for energy assistance, customers are encouraged to contact their local OHEP office in the county of their residence, which is outlined below. Customers also may refer to the Frequently Asked Questions section on OHEP’s website for additional information, call OHEP at 800-332-6347 or go to

To check the status of your OHEP application online, visit Please allow 15 days from submission for the application status to be displayed.

Income eligibility criteria is established by OHEP and is outlined below. Once approved for energy assistance, WSSC Water customers are enrolled in CAP. Customers are required to re-enroll with OHEP to continue their CAP enrollment.

FY2025 Income Eligibility Limits
Effective July 1, 2024 to June 30, 2025
Based on 200% of Federal Poverty Level
Households with 8 or more persons, add $10,760 per person
Household Size Annual Income
1 $30,120
2 $40,880
3 $51,640
4 $62,400
5 $73,160
6 $83,920
7 $94,680
8 $105,440

Authority to have such a program was approved by the Maryland State Legislature and signed by the Governor. The CAP is 100% funded by WSSC Water revenues.

Customers may apply for energy assistance using one of the following options:

Ready-To-Serve Charge

There are two components to this charge: (1) the existing Account Maintenance Fee (AMF) which covers the cost to bring water and sewer service to every home and business; including meters, meter readers and billing; and (2) Infrastructure Investment Fee (IIF) which is allocated to the replacement/rehabilitation of system infrastructure.

The AMF is up to $18 per quarter. The IIF is up to $16 per quarter. 

NOTE: If you are approved for CAP, you are automatically eligible for exemption from the Chesapeake Bay Restoration Fund fee, which WSSC Water administers on behalf of the State of Maryland. 

Last Modified: July 22, 2024, 11:55 am EDT