Requests to start/stop service may be submitted up to 14 days in advance of the move in/move out date. If the move in/move out date is beyond 14 days, STOP here and return within 14 days of the move in/move out date to submit your request. Please be sure to include meter reading(s) if you have an inside meter.

Do you need to start an account with WSSC Water? Or finalize billing on an account because you're preparing to move? Here's how to do it.

start and stop serviceMoving to a new home and need to set up your WSSC Water account? Planning to move out and want to stop your billing? We can help.

For your convenience, WSSC Water now provides customers an online webform to make submitting your start/stop service request quicker and easier! The webform is available in English and Español and only takes a few minutes to complete. Just fill out the form to schedule a start date or stop date as close as possible to your settlement date or moving date.  

Go to the start/stop request form

Note: If you are a 3rd party (i.e. title company or family relative) and have requested to start/stop service, you do not need to submit an Authorization to Release Information form. If you simply wish to receive the final bill copy and account information as usual, you will receive that information as soon as we have processed your start/stop request and issued the final bill.

A few important things to keep in mind when submitting your request:

  • WSSC Water asks that you submit requests to start/stop service within 10 business days of move in/out to allow us time to obtain your meter reading if necessary.
  • Transfer Service: In order to end service at one property and begin service at another property, you must fill out both the start service and stop service forms.
  • If you are starting service and the water at the property is currently off, please note this in the special instructions section of the webform and also complete the required Release of Liability (ROL) form: ROL (English); ROL (Español). The completed ROL can be e-mailed to
  • WSSC Water accounts are assigned to the property owner, not individual occupants. Tenants are added to the property owner's account and receive secondary bills. In accordance with State law, property owners are ultimately responsible for payment of all water and sewer bills, including any bills left unpaid by a tenant.
  • Please don’t click the back button in your browser. Utilize the “Previous” button on the webform to return to an earlier page.
  • The webform requires an e-mail confirmation for confirmation/tracking purposes. If you do not have an e-mail address, please call us and we will complete the webform request on your behalf.
  • Additional helpful information, such as how to read your meter and information on how WSSC Water bills its customers, can be found on our FAQs webpage.

If you have any questions or require assistance with our webform, please call us at 301-206-4001, 1-800-634-8400, or TTY 301-206-8345, 7:30 am to 7:00 pm, weekdays. 

Last Modified: August 18, 2022, 10:31 am EDT