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Address and Hours:

Physical Address

Hours of Operation:

Customer Service 

14501 Sweitzer Lane
Laurel, Maryland 20707
7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday - Friday
7:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Important Contact Information:




Emergency Services Center 301-206-4002 EmergencyCallCenter@wsscwater.com
Customer Service 301-206-4001 customerservice@wsscwater.com
Interactive Voice Response System 301-206-4001  
Water and Sewer Bills 301-206-4001 customerservice@wsscwater.com
after hours:
Other Numbers and Emails of Interest
Bonds and Insurance questions 301-206-8349 Tina.Roland@wsscwater.com
Bonds and Insurance Submissions insurancecertificate@wsscwater.com
Brighton Dam Visitor Center 301-206-7485
301-206-4386 (for watershed use)
Claims 301-206-7095 claimsc@wsscwater.com
Commission Office 301-206-8200  
Demolitions 301-206-4001 Demoletterrequest@wsscwater.com
Development Services 301-206-8650 #DSGIntake@wsscwater.com
Employment Verification   HRO@wsscwater.com
ePermitting Assistance ePermittingSupport@wsscwater.com
Fats, Oils and Grease Questions FOG Contacts
Fire Hydrant Meter Leasing 301-206-4264 https://www.wsscwater.com/hydrant
Geotechnical Submittals and gINT V8i Questions 301-206-8561 lei.fu@wsscwater.com
Industrial Discharge Control Program industrialdischargecontrol@wsscwater.com
Inspection Services Inspections
Land Services Questions Land Services Contacts
Licensing Verification 301-206-8588 Licensing@wsscwater.com
Meter Testing 301-206-4001 customerservice@wsscwater.com
Managed Deer Hunts manageddeerhunts@wsscwater.com
Maryland Public Information Act Requests MPIA-request@wsscwater.com
New Meter Installation 301-206-4265  
One Stop Shop 301-206-4003 onestopshop@wsscwater.com
Plans Review Questions PlumbingPlansReview@wsscwater.com
Property Assessments 301-206-8032 ffbenefits@wsscwater.com
Relocations RelocationUnit@wsscwater.com
Report a Water Quality Complaint Complaint Form
Short Form Permit Assistance 301-206-4004 onestopshop@wsscwater.com
Water and Sewer Service 301-206-4003 onestopshop@wsscwater.com
Water Quality Report 301-206-8100 communications@wsscwater.com
WERI Assistance 301-206-4357 helpdesk@wsscwater.com
Water and Sewer Extensions 301-206-8650  
Website Support webmaster@wsscwater.com
Main: 301-206-WSSC (9772)  
Toll-Free 800-828-6439  
TTY 301-206-8345  

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