Drinking Water Week/Water Fund
April 19- May 9, 2021

Drinking Water Week - Water Fund Participating Restaurants

To benefit the WSSC Water Fund and in celebration of national Drinking Water Week, you can win a $100 gift card from your favorite local restaurants like Henry’s Soul Café, Cielo Rojo, Founding Farmers and Franklins Brewery. In collaboration with The Salvation Army, the Water Fund helps residential WSSC Water customers in financial need pay their water/sewer bills.

Click here to enter your name to win a $100 gift card at https://www.realfundc.com/waterfund. Donations to the Water Fund can be made above using the blue button - Donate to the Water Fund.

The event promotion video can be viewed below.

Water Fund

water fund - sharing the essential

The Water Fund was established in 1994 by WSSC Water employees to help residential customers in financial need pay their water/sewer bills. Since then, nearly $1.6 million has been distributed to more than 17,344 people in Montgomery and Prince George’s counties to help them pay their water/sewer bills. In fiscal year 2020, the Water Fund provided life’s most precious resource to 2,847 of our neighbors through the distribution of  nearly $350,000. The Water Fund donations come from generous customers, community members and employee donors.

WSSC Water pays the administrative and promotional fees while The Salvation Army assists clients and manages the fund, so that 100 percent of all donations go directly to those in need. Customers can make multiple requests for assistance with water and sewer bills, up to $500 per year. Please make a tax-deductible donation today to the WSSC Water Fund. Your tax-deductible donation ensures that your neighbors will continue to have access to clean, safe and reliable water. 100% of all donations go directly to those in need.

There are several easy ways to donate and support local families:

  • Donate online using your credit or debit card at PayPal
  • Give When You Pay Your WSSC Water Bill: add any dollar amount when paying your WSSC Water bill
  • Donate via Round Up When You Pay Your Bill: check the box on your bill to give a one-time Round Up donation
  • Donate by check: complete the Water Fund donation form. Mail check payable to WSSC Water and completed form to: Water Fund, c/o WSSC Water Revenue Department, 14501 Sweitzer Lane, Laurel, MD 20707

See the impact of the water fund


If you have questions regarding the Water Fund, please call Customer Service at 301-206-4001, 1-800-634-8400, or email us at CustServ@wsscwater.com.


The approximate number of your neighbors who received assistance from the Water Fund annually. 


The Water Fund provides assistance to customers in financial need and is funded entirely by contributions from customers, employees, and community partners.
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Make a direct contribution to the WSSC Water Fund via PayPal. 100% of your donation goes directly to the Water Fund.

Donate to the Water Fund!

Water Fund Event Proposal 
As part of WSSC Water’s efforts to raise additional money and awareness for the Water Fund, local restaurants within our service area will be solicited by the Tommy + Kelly Show (Real.Fun.DC) to participate in a pilot program. The objective of this pilot program is to work with four diverse restaurants. In Prince George’s County, the two participating restaurants will be Henry’s Soul Café in Oxon Hill and Franklins in Hyattsville. In Montgomery County, Cielo Rojo in Takoma Park and Founding Farmers in Rockville will participate. Event promotion begins on April 19. The promotion at the restaurants will run from May 2 - 9, 2021. This thoughtful community-driven campaign will tell the story of WSSC’s excellent history of clean water while raising awareness and donations for the Water Fund from diners in both Prince George’s and Montgomery counties. As part of the promotion, the Tommy + Kelly Show (Real.Fun.DC) purchased gift cards directly from the participating restaurants to be used for social and on-air contest. The Tommy + Kelly Show (Real.Fun.DC) solicited restaurants for participation and purchased gift cards directly from them. 


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