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Making water more affordable

We work to generate additional revenue to help offset costs for rate-paying customers. We achieve our mission by:

  • seeking cost savings;
  • analyzing possible opportunities;
  • reimagining existing assets, (that is, figuring out new ways to use what we already have);
  • and, pursuing strategic development in partnerships, internal, public or private.

How our partnerships work

We look for partners who are willing to work together on new opportunities and work together to find solutions to a problem. Here's what we look for in a partner:

  • Expertise and strength that will complement our limitations
  • Opportunities to build mutually beneficial programs or projects
  • Willingness to invest in programs and projects
  • Shared goals and alignment for the mission of the program or project
  • Innovative ideas and forward-thinking

We have built an ecosystem designed to foster and enhance working with potential suppliers, contractors, and partners on opportunities and solutions. It is part of our overall effort to engage outside resources to innovate and produce solutions to our issues.

Partner With Us

For partnering opportunities contact our business development team.

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