Community Outreach

Community OutreachOne of WSSC’s strategic values is to enhance the customer experience and community engagement.  For almost 100 years WSSC has been doing just that, as a dedicated local partner to our schools, associations, non-profits and “green” organizations. Through our community outreach and education programs, WSSC staff provide hundreds of hours of service sharing their knowledge with school children, community members, and customers.

WSSC’s Communications and Community Relations Office is a cornerstone of WSSC's commitment to being a vital link between our utility services and customers.  Below is a list of ways we can work with your organization.  

Our Community Outreach department offers the following support and activities at your request: 

We welcome inquiries for more information or suggestions for our outreach programming to help you learn about water and wastewater services, STEM activities and careers in the water industry, and how to protect life’s most precious resource - water.

You may contact the WSSC Communications & Community Relations Office directly at 301-206-8100, or by email to


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