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We're always on the lookout for new materials and products that can help us do a better job. But first they need to be thoroughly reviewed.

The Materials Evaluation Process is a review process in which WSSC Water employees from across the organization evaluate new materials, products and vendors for potential use within our water and sewer networks.

The MEP's purpose is to:

  • Promote competition among qualified manufacturers, vendors, and suppliers
  • Facilitate and document the approval process of new or improved material solutions related to WSSC Water construction and repair projects
  • Analyze proposed material specification changes for water and sewer networks, including recommended deletion of approved manufacturers, products, and specifications
  • Support WSSC Water’s operational and maintenance quality programs
  • Ensure selection of the best products for particular applications
  • Document the product application review process to ensure consistency, efficiency, and transparency

The Materials Evaluation Process is not used to review products that are considered "non-network materials," including products intended for installation in water and wastewater treatment plants, general facilities or properties, any fleet-related products or any information technology products.

If you or your business has a product that you would like the MEP team to review, please click the link below to complete and submit your application. You will be updated periodically on your application's status, and note that additional information or samples might be requested during the review process.

MEP Application

(Be sure to fill in the application completely. Only fully completed applications will be considered)

WSSC Water Materials Catalog

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