Bonds & Insurance

Bonds and insurance can be complicated at times, so be sure to use this webpage as a resource.

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The Bonds & Insurance Office (“Office”) requires bonds and insurance from contractors and suppliers to assure us that there is financial funding to meet legal responsibilities and pay for damages or injuries arising from their activities.  Many firms do not have the assets or legal resources and are not large enough to self-insure legal liability claims and must rely on traditional insurance coverage to manage claims and litigation that arise from their operations.  For example, we need proof (Certificate of Insurance) that those with whom we work are meeting their statutory responsibility to protect their employees with Workers Compensation insurance.  

The Office responsibilities include:

  • Determine appropriate insurance coverage and limits for contractual transfer of risks in all contracts and leases.
  • Review bonding and certificates of insurance supplied to the Commission, to ensure compliance with Commission, State, and Federal Regulations and General Specifications.
  • Confirm compliance of certificates of insurance (COI) for licensed master plumbers, master gasfitters, and sewer & drain cleaners trading in the WSSD.

Surety Bonds

A surety bond, although issued by an insurance company, is not insurance because it provides no contractual transfer of risk from the contractor to the bonding company.  Instead, a Surety Bond is a financial guarantee of a potential contractor obligation to a third party (WSSC Water).  We require surety bonds for a variety of construction and permit jobs. 

Certificates of Insurance

We tailor the types of insurance and limits required to the activity and the loss potential and not the value of the contract. We review the insurance certificate to match the limits with our requirements, and if they do not compare, a new certificate needs to be issued.  Most certificates of insurance are informational only, and if the policy does not contain a blanket provision for an additional insured or waiver of subrogation, endorsements are required along with the contract # or permit # indicated on the certificate and endorsement. You may review the insurance requirements for a specific solicitation in the Appendix B – Insurance and Bonding section of the solicitation; an example can be seen by clicking the link.

WSSC Water Licensed Plumbers, Gasfitters, and Sewer & Drain Cleaners

The WSSC Water Plumbing & Fuel Gas Code requires a Master Plumber, Master Gasfitter, or a Sewer & Drain Cleaner who register as representing a plumbing, gasfitting, or sewer & drain cleaning services firm to carry a minimum level of general liability coverage. See Code Section113.8.1.3. For first time registration to represent a firm, the COI shall be submitted with the application for license or change of license to the Regulatory Services Division, Licensing office. For updating WSSC Water when your policy renews, COI’s shall be submitted directly to the Bonds and Insurance office; for your convenience a COI can be attached to an email and submitted to:

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