WSSC offers a variety of printed and e-publications to educate its customers and the general public about a range of topics from water quality to sub-meter information. These materials are available at no cost.

Annual Reports and Strategic Performance Reports

FY 2017 Annual Report​

FY 2017 Annual Report​ Microsite


FY 2015 Annual Report
Flipbook | PDF


2014 Annual Report

FY 2014 Annual Report​
Flipbook | PDF


FY 2014 Annual Strategic Performance Report

FY 2014 Annual Strategic Performance

Flipbook | PDF


2013 Annual Report

FY 2013 Annual Report

Flipbook | PDF


Performance Report

FY 2013 Annual Strategic Performance Report 

Flipbook | PDF


2012 Annual Report

FY 2012 Annual Report

Flipbook | PDF


2012 Performance Report

FY 2012 Annual Strategic Performance Report 

Flipbook | PDF


2010-2011 Annual Report

FY 2010-11 Biennial Report

Flipbook | PDF 


2010-2011 Performance Report

FY 2011 Annual Strategic Performance Report

Flipbook | PDF 

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