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WSSC Water wants you to know all the facts and figures about our budget and our Capital Improvements Program.

Current fiscal year budget overview

The Approved Fiscal Year (FY) 2022 Budget for all operating and capital funds totals $1.556 billion or $100.8 million (6.9%) more than the Approved FY 2021 Budget. The Approved Operating Budget of $852.1 million represents an increase of $2.4 million (0.3%) over the FY 2021 Approved Operating Budget of $849.7 million.

For Details, See the FY 2022 Approved Budget

WSSC Water's budget process

Maryland law requires that each year, WSSC Water prepare capital and operating budgets to show funding and staff requirements, organizational components, and its source of funds.

The budget process begins with WSSC Water's many divisions and departments submitting their requests, in line with the General Manager's guidance. Management reviews the requests, then the General Manager presents recommendations to the Commissioners. Following their review, the Commissioners approve a proposed budget for public hearing and make a budget document available to the public before January 15. Public hearings on the proposed budget are then held in Montgomery County and Prince George's County before February 15. Comments and testimony from those hearings are considered before the proposed budget is sent to the counties, which by law must be by March 1 of each year.

The County Councils and County Executives then review the budget and make recommendations; any amendments must be approved by June 1. When the counties' actions have been received, WSSC Water adopts an Approved Budget and sets the levels for charges, fees, and taxes. The Approved Budget takes effect on July 1.

Once a budget is adopted, WSSC Water's total expenditures may not exceed the approved budget without an approved budget supplement, which must be approved by the Montgomery and Prince George's County Councils.

CIP Hearings 2021
CIP Hearing 2021

Capital Improvements Program overview

The proposed Capital Improvements Program for the fiscal years 2022-2027 includes an estimated combined total program of $5.7 billion, approximately $138 million greater than the Adopted CIP for fiscal years 2021-2026. Estimated combined expenditures in the six-year program period are $3.9 billion, $201 million greater than the previous CIP. Expenditures for the combined program for fiscal year 2022 are estimated at $733.2 million, $118.2 million greater than the previous CIP.

View the Proposed 2022-2027 CIP

The Adopted Capital Improvements Program for fiscal years 2021-2026 includes an estimated combined total program of $5.5 billion. Estimated combined expenditures in the six-year program are approximately $3.7 billion. Expenditures for fiscal year 2021 are estimated at $615 million for the combined program.

View 2021-2026 CIP Details

Capital Improvements Program formulation process

Maryland law requires that WSSC Water prepare a six-year Capital Improvements Program for major water and sanitary sewerage facilities and submit it to Montgomery County and Prince George's County before October 1 each year. After the County Councils' final action on the CIP, WSSC Water makes any necessary changes and adopts the CIP before the first fiscal year of the six-year program.

Public Searchable Database

Pursuant to §17-401 of the Maryland Annotated Code, Public Utilities Article, this searchable database contains payments made by WSSC Water to a payee in the aggregate amount of $25,000 or greater in a single fiscal year (July 1-June 30) beginning with Fiscal Year 2019.

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