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Commercial/Government Accts. - August 1
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Like most water and sewer utilities, WSSC Water is a separate, government enterprise intended to be self-supporting. The majority of our revenue is derived from user charges - charges for services provided to customers. These charges may include fees, rates, assessments and billing; the charges are determined through a detailed process of allocating the cost of providing the services to the beneficiaries of the services.

WSSC Water takes great care to ensure that our rates are determined with equity, cost of service, fairness and our financial stability in mind. Our rate structure includes both variable and fixed rates and includes the cost of maintaining and repairing our buried pipes and our treatment plants, as well as covering the cost of operations to ensure quality service is delivered to you every day.

Rate schedule for fiscal year 2022
(effective July 1, 2021)

Average Daily Consumption (gallons per day) by Customer Unit During Billing Period Water Rates Sewer Rates Combined
  Per 1,000 Gallons Per 1,000 Gallons  
0 - 80.9999 $5.76 $7.58 $13.34
81 - 165.9999 $6.51 $8.42 $14.93
166 - 275.9999 $7.50 $10.57 $18.07
276 & Greater $8.79 $13.96 $22.75

Approved Flat Rate Sewer Charge - $142.00 per quarter

Average Daily Consumption (gallons per day) by Customer Unit During Billing Period

Each monthly or quarterly water and sewer bill also includes Ready-To-Serve Charges. Learn more about Ready-to Serve Charges and other fees on the Fees page.

Last Modified: June 25, 2021, 7:01 pm EDT