Pipe ER

Connection Pipe Emergency Replacement Loan Program

WSSC Water is proud to present PipeER, a new service line replacement emergency loan program. PipeER provides loans to finance the replacement of leaking pipes located on residential property that connect from WSSC Water’s service connection to the residence.

This new loan program, established through House Bill 408, will make $100,000 available annually to customers in need of emergency funds. Funds will be made available on a first come, first served basis each fiscal year until the fund is depleted.


Program Eligibility

The WSSC Federal Credit Union (WSSC FCU) is responsible for underwriting and administering the loans under this program. Customers must meet the following criteria:

  • Must be a residential customer and owner of the property upon which the pipe replacement is taking place
  • Received a WSSC  Water 30-day leak letter/notification
  • Received two quotes from WSSC Water licensed plumbers
  • Must meet the Credit Union’s minimum underwriting standards to qualify

All loans must be used to replace a water service line, not for service line repairs. Once approved, customers will be eligible to receive a maximum $5,000 loan. The loan amount will only be disbursed directly to a WSSC Water licensed plumber and not the customer. Any additional cost over the loan amount must be paid by the customer.

The loan program is administered by the WSSC Federal Credit Union (WSSC FCU). Complete loan program details are available to participating customers by contacting the credit union at 240-459-8008 or 301-206-8111, or online at wsscfcu.org/pipeER.

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