Finding and Verifying a Plumber/Gasfitter

Need a Registered Licensed Plumber or Gasfitter?

Customers must use a licensed journeyman or Master Level plumber who is individually registered or work with a registered firm. Request proof of registration of their license.

Note: Valid license/registration numbers (3 to 5 numbers ex. WSSC-12345) must be printed on all of their paperwork and vehicle.

How Many Price Quotes Should I Get?

Whether you need simple repairs or contracted projects, it is recommended to seek 3-5 price quotes for all planned work. But remember, you must use a WSSC Water licensed and registered plumber or gasfitter.

Small Repairs and Direct Fixture Replacement?

Homeowners who own and occupy may perform a limited amount of plumbing work in their home. Other property owners, residential and commercial, are required to have a registered licensed plumber and/or gasfitter install, repair or remodel their plumbing and fuel gas systems. More information can be found in our Plumbing and Fuel Gas Codes Manual.

Inspections for Gas and Appliance Replacements

All gas work, including appliance replacement, must be performed by a registered gasfitter and requires a WSSC Water permit and an approved inspection(s). Replaced Gas Appliances

Suggested Resources to Consider

WSSC Water offers the list of resources on the right as suggestions of methods for locating a registered tradesperson.

Confirm Licensing Using This Tool

Once you have found a plumber/gasfitter, confirm their registration, licensing and good standing with WSSC Water's ePermitting Permit and Licensee Search.