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The Procurement Office operates within a centralized purchasing environment. The Office is responsible for overseeing the bid and award process for all categories of purchasing including the following: goods, services, construction, professional services, and A/E design services. From mundane purchases for copier paper to the fast-paced emergency response contracts for water main replacements, our staff members are there to ensure the proper contract vehicles are in place, to meet our mission of providing safe and reliable water, life’s most precious resource.

The primary objectives of the Procurement Office are as follows:

  • Provide supplies, materials, equipment, construction and professional services to all WSSC Water teams in a timely manner.
  • To generate broad participation and competition among potential suppliers and contractors.
  • To ensure good quality products and services at competitive prices.
  • To ensure equal opportunity to all qualified suppliers and contractors wishing to compete for WSSC Water contracts.

Our goal is to establish positive business relationships with suppliers and work as partners to satisfy WSSC Water’s needs.

Meet the Procurement Office Team

Solicitation Information

  • Formal Solicitation Template 
  • Formal Solicitation Cover Sheet

WSSC Water’s Web-Based Compliance System

WSSC Water’s web-based compliance system's primary focus is geared towards monitoring, tracking and reporting mandated and/or voluntary subcontracting compliance requirements. The web-based compliance system tracks ALL subcontracting (Majority firms, Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) and Small Local Business Enterprise (SLBE) firms). Read more about WSSC Water's Web-Based Compliance System.

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