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Vendors large and small have many opportunities to do business with WSSC Water. Here is an overview how the WSSC Water Procurement Office solicits new business.

The Procurement Office operates within a centralized purchasing environment, it is made up of two teams. The two teams are broken down by Goods & Services and Professional Services contracts, and Architectural/Engineering and Construction contracts. Both teams seek cost-effective services while also ensuring fair and equitable treatment and promoting contracting opportunities for all business enterprises.

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WSSC Water Procurement is governed by the Procurement Regulations. For informational purposes only, the General Terms and Conditions can be found here. Please note the governing General Terms and Conditions for every solicitation can be found in the bid documents.

WSSC Water Solicitations

All WSSC Water solicitations are posted in the WSSC Supplier Portal (you must be a registered supplier to engage with solicitations in the portal, register here.). When viewing solicitation opportunities, you will notice the type of solicitations shown are Auction, RFQ, and RFI. 

An Auction can be an Invitation for Bid (IFB) or a Request for Quotation (RFQ)

An RFQ can be a Request for Proposal (RFP) or a Multi-Step IFB

An RFI can be a Request for Information (RFI) or a Request for Qualification (RFQu)

The solicitation will provide guidance on the type of the contract you’re submitting a response for.

Office of Supplier Diversity and Inclusion Programs

WSSC Water is committed to providing diverse and small, local businesses the opportunity to compete for business whether directly with WSSC Water or by subcontracting through our primary suppliers.

SLBE and MBE Programs

Office of Supplier Diversity and Inclusion

Bonds and Insurance Requirements

WSSC Water requires bonds and insurance from contractors and suppliers for to assure us that there is financial funding to meet legal responsibilities, and to pay for damages or injuries that might occur.  

All insurance and bonding requirements for each solicitation can be found in the bid documents.

Bonds and Insurance Information

Where to find WSSC Water Solicitation information

View Proposed Solicitation list – See planned upcoming solicitations including their descriptions, service type (Goods & Services, Professional Services, A&E, or Construction), Potential Solicitation Type (IFB, or RFP), estimated posting date by fiscal year then quarter, and the department requesting the solicitation. 

View Abstracts of current bids – See general information about a solicitation including the title, open and close date, procurement officer, and site inspection and pre-solicitation information (if applicable). 

View WSSC Water Solicitations – Download solicitation information including title, description, instructions to bidders, general terms and conditions, and more.

The only way to see the full solicitation and submit a bid/proposal is as a registered supplier through the WSSC Supplier Portal. Log in here if you are a registered supplier to see open solicitations.

Submitted a response for a solicitation? 

Check the Solicitation Status page after the close date to get an update on the status of the solicitation.

WSSC Award Status

Have more questions regarding the solicitation process at WSSC Water? Visit our Procurement FAQ page.

Procurement FAQs


Last Modified: June 13, 2023, 8:21 am EDT