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Led by Chief Procurement Officer Caprecia Poole-Williams, the Procurement office consolidates a major part of WSSC Water's operation: acquiring the wide range of goods and services we need.

The Office’s work is divided among three divisions:1). Procurement Services, 2) Operations and Administration, and 3) Strategic Sourcing.

Procurement Services Division: The Procurement Services Division is sub-divided into 2 sections: 1). Goods and Professional Services and 2). Architectural/Engineering and Construction. Both sections award competitive and non-competitive contracts for their respective areas (e.g. goods, services, construction & engineering services). 

Operations and Administration: The Procurement Operations and Administration (O&A) Division manages our purchase card program, policies and procedures, Supplier Portal, bonds and insurance, analytics, and training. It also serves as the primary liaison with the Information Technology group to support essential procurement office systems.

Strategic Sourcing: The Strategic Sourcing Group manages the total cost of operation for WSSC Water by using a fact-based, data-driven process focused on cost savings, process improvements, supplier innovation and category management.

WSSC Water Procurement Office Team

Last Modified: June 6, 2023, 10:58 am EDT