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The Procurement Office operates within a centralized purchasing environment. The Procurement Office is responsible for overseeing the solicitation and award process for all categories of purchasing; goods, services, construction, professional services, and A/E design services. Procurement staff members are here to make sure the proper contract vehicles are in place for all purchasing needs, from the everyday office supply to the fast paced emergency response for water main breaks. Our goal in the Procurement Office is to meet and exceed the mission of providing all the necessary components to ensure our customers have access to safe and reliable water, life’s most precious resource. 

The Procurement Office is comprised of three divisions: Procurement Services, Operations and Administration, and Strategic Sourcing. 

  • Procurement Services Division includes the Goods & Services and Engineering & Construction Sections. Both sections are responsible for awarding competitive and non-competitive contracts.
  • Operations and Administration (O&A) Division manages a wide array of procurement functions including but not limited to the Purchase Card Program, Bonds and Insurance, the Supplier Portal (registration and training), Procurement policies and procedures, and data analytics.  O&A serves as the liaison between the Information Technology group to support essential procurement office systems. 
  • Strategic Sourcing Division works in collaborative cross-functional teams to create a strategic approach for specified categories. The strategic approach is built from a fact-based process that requires gathering internal data and conducting market analysis to understand supply economics. The process creates a basis of knowledge to assist the collaborative cross-functional teams in procuring goods and services at the lowest total cost.  

Meet the Procurement Team | Procurement FAQs

Become a registered WSSC Supplier

To be eligible to participate in WSSC Water solicitations vendors must be registered in our WSSC Supplier Portal. The Procurement Office uses the industry classifications (North America Industry Classification System – NAICS codes) to send notifications about upcoming solicitations. The WSSC Supplier Portal allows suppliers to keep their information up to date to ensure they are receiving all applicable solicitation notifications based on their NAICS codes. 

There is no cost to register in the WSSC Supplier Portal and receive notifications. For assistance registering use the WSSC Supplier Training Manual or visit our Procurement FAQ page.

Register in the WSSC Supplier Portal


WSSC Water Procurement is governed by the Procurement Regulations. The general terms and conditions for every solicitation can be found in the bid documents. 

More Information about WSSC Water Solicitations can be found through the links below. 

View Proposed Solicitation list – See planned upcoming solicitations including their descriptions, service type (Goods & Services, Professional Services, A&E, or Construction), Potential Solicitation Type (IFB, or RFP), estimated posting date by fiscal year then quarter, and the department requesting the solicitation. 

View Abstracts of current bids – See general information about a solicitation including the title, open and close date, procurement officer, and site inspection and pre-solicitation information (if applicable). 

View WSSC Water Solicitations – Download solicitation information including title, description, instructions to bidders, general terms and conditions, and more.

The only way to see the full solicitation and submit a bid/proposal is as a registered supplier through the WSSC Supplier Portal. Log in here if you are a registered supplier to see open solicitations.

View Bid Award Statuses – See the status (evaluation, awarded, or cancelled) of closed solicitations, listed by the solicitation number. 

For more information see our Procurement FAQ page. 

View Current Solicitations

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