Identify WSSC Employees

wssc_employees.JPGOccasionally, there are instances in which individuals pose as utility workers to gain access to homes and property for the purpose of committing crime. WSSC and its customers are not immune from these acts.

Therefore, WSSC encourages you to play it safe and know these facts:

  • All WSSC employees are required to carry and prominently display their WSSC photo ID badges. When in doubt, customers should demand to see the employee’s ID badge for verification.
  • All WSSC workers who need access to customers’ homes, properties or businesses drive blue vans, trucks or cars, clearly marked with the WSSC name and water drop logo.

If you fear for your safety, call 911. To report suspicious activities involving WSSC employees or vehicles, please immediately call the police and contact WSSC at 301-206-8888.

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