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Identify WSSC Water employees

We want you to be assured that someone who says they are a WSSC Water employee is in fact one of our workers: to identify our employees, ask to see their Employee Identification Badge and know who is at your door, in your office or on your property.

WSSC Water Employee Identification

To ensure your safety, follow these tips to be sure you're dealing with a WSSC Water employee:

  • Do not hesitate to ask the employee to show their WSSC Water photo ID badge
  • WSSC Water badges display the employee's picture, employee ID number and the WSSC Water logo
  • WSSC Water employees will ALWAYS drive a marked vehicle
  • Check that the vehicle has MARYLAND license plates; each of our fleet vehicles does

And remember: WSSC Water employees rarely need to enter your home, but when we do, we will schedule an appointment with you. We will never ask to enter your home without you expecting us.

If you think you see suspicious activity by someone who says they are a WSSC Water employee, or a WSSC Water vehicle, call WSSC Water Police at 301-206-8888.

If for any reason you fear for your safety, call 911.

Last Modified: February 25, 2021, 9:35 am EST