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WSSC Water 2022 Disparity Study

WSSC Water, in its efforts to continue the integrity and support of its Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) Program, has completed its 2022 Disparity Study (“Study.”) The Study assessed the Commission’s procurement activity with minority and women-owned business enterprises for Fiscal Years 2015 through 2019.  MGT Consulting Group, Inc.  (“MGT”) was chosen to conduct this independent study.

The study analyzed the utilization and availability of firms in the marketplace, calculated any disparities that may exist, and collected anecdotal data from business owners, professional organizations, and WSSC Water personnel.

The 2022 Disparity Study outcomes include:

  • A determination of the extent to which MBEs participate in the procurement of construction, architectural and engineering, goods and services, and professional services with the Commission.
  • A determination of if MBE participation is representative of the availability of MBE firms who are ready, willing, and able to participate in Commission contracts.
  • A determination of whether discrimination exists, and if found, identify by race, ethnicity, and gender of affected individuals as identified.
  • Best practices to assist in administering the MBE program and the establishment of an overall aspirational goal.

All business owners, regardless of ethnicity, gender, or MBE/SLBE certification status, were strongly encouraged to participate in the study via public engagement meetings, interviews, surveys, and/or direct input. Comments and/or recommendations may be used to modify WSSC Water’s existing procurement policies, including the Minority Business Enterprise and Small Local Business Enterprise programs. At any point during the study, business owners, both minority owned and nonminority owned firms, may submit their comments regarding their experiences doing business, or attempting to do business, with WSSC Water by emailing Input submitted via email is confidential and directed to the consultant team only.

WSSC 2022 Disparity Study

WSSC’s 2022 Disparity Study conducted by MGT Consulting Group, Inc. ("MGT") has concluded. The final 2022 Disparity Study report is now available for public review.

Please submit any questions or feedback to

WSSC 2022 Disparity Study

Previous Public Meetings: 

Kishia L. Powell, General Manager/CEO speaking a disparity study public meeting

Prince George’s County 
Watch the recorded livestream

Montgomery County
Watch the recorded livestream

Meeting Materials:

We look forward to receiving feedback from the Supplier community and WSSC Water Stakeholders.

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