Tap In - Business Development Series

Doing Business With WSSC

Supplier Development is an essential element of WSSC’s strategy for developing a world-class integrated supply chain. The Office of Supplier Diversity & Inclusion provides numerous resources for our suppliers in support of their continuous improvement and development as sustainable small, local and minority firms.

The Office of Supplier Diversity & Inclusion hosts a series of the following in-depth educational and training seminars throughout the fiscal year.


Understanding the Appendix A and Good Faith Efforts Guide Training

(In Person and Via WebEx)

To help vendors/suppliers understand the information presented in Appendix A and how to prepare their response to the requested MBE and SLBE participation

Web-Based Compliance System Training

(In Person and Via WebEx)

To educate suppliers on how to report their awards and payments and how to track, monitor and report subcontracting compliance.
Small Local Businessd Enterprise (SLBE) Technical Assistance Workshop To assist vendors interested in becoming an approved SLBE in the Commission’s Program, needing assistance recertifying as a SLBE  firm, and needing assistance registering in the Supplier Portal.
How to Navigate WSSC's Supplier Portal Designed to educate firms on Registering in WSSC’s Supplier Portal, Navigating the Supplier Portal, Uploading MBE Certification Letters, Researching Past Solicitations and Viewing Registered Suppliers.
Solicitation 101

This Workshop is designed to educate firms on WSSC's Solicitation Process and give tips and tricks on how to submit a quality and compliant proposal.

Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT) Certification This Workshop is designed to educate firms about the MDOT Training process and what certifications from MDOT that WSSC recognizes.
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