Small, Local and Minority Businesses

"Diversity... Just the Way We Do Business" 

NEW!!!!  On April 10, 2017, the Maryland General Assembly passed HB 319, which approved a name change for the Small, Local and Minority Business Enterprise (SLMBE) Office to the  Office of Supplier Diversity & Inclusion (OSDI).   This office name change will take effect on June 1, 2017.  Look for SLMBE Office alerts as we transition to our new name change!




Supplier Diversity

WSSC is committed to a goal of providing Minority, Women and Small, Local Business Enterprises the opportunity to compete for our business, whether directly with WSSC or by subcontracting through primary suppliers. All of WSSC contracted vendors are asked to support our commitment to Supplier Diversity.

The Four Pillars of Excellence

Paving the Road to Supplier Diversity

Fiscal Year (FY) 2016

M/WBE Total Contract Payments

Minority & Women Business Enterprise (M/WBE) $114.8 million

Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) $99.9 million

M/WBE Total Contract Awards

Minority & Women Business Enterprise (M/WBE) almost $151 million

Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) $228.5 million

Small Local Business Enterprise (SLBE)

In FY2016, $44.7 million in total contract awards went to WSSC-Approved SLBE firms.

In FY2016, $31 million in total contract payments went to WSSC-Approved SLBE firms.

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