Cross Connection Control

New Program Fee - Cross Connection Program Regulation

The Cross-Connection Control Program is responsible for inspecting existing buildings for unprotected or improperly protected cross-connections. WSSC Water maintains a database of annually tested backflow preventers.

Explaining Cross-Connections and Backflow Prevention

What is a Cross-Connection? What is Backflow and Backflow Prevention? An All-inclusive Explanation for All Audiences.

Residential Customers: Backflow 101

Do I have a Cross-Connection in my home? Backflow Preventers, do I need one? How to Protect our Drinking Water from Contamination?

Cross-Connection Service Providers

Who Can Install and Test Backflow Preventers? Licensed Installers or Homeowners? Service Technicians/Tester Training and Certification.

Commercial and Industrial Water Customers

Do I have a Cross-Connection in my building? Landlord or Tenants responsibility? How to Protect our Drinking Water from Contamination.

Backflow Prevention for Fire Hydrant Meter Rentals

Does a Meter have a Backflow Prevention Device Built-in? What Level of Protection is Needed? How Frequent is Testing Required?



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