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The Office of the Inspector General has a major responsibility: To guard against fraud and waste, and assure ratepayers of WSSC Water's financial integrity.

The OIG, which operates independently, investigates mismanagement, misconduct, fraud, waste and abuse within our programs and operations. It does so by conducting audits, investigations, and management reviews of operations and programs to ensure that WSSC Water is operating efficiently and safely, and that revenue is accounted for and allocated without fraud, waste, and abuse.

Results of the OIG's audits and investigations are published on this website (except for those that are prohibited from disclosure under the Public Information Act). Also available are periodic reports that summarize the activities, findings, recommendations and accomplishments of the OIG.

If the OIG finds a serious violation of federal law, state or local law, or a WSSC Water regulation, it must report it to either an appropriate law enforcement agency, the State Ethics Commission, WSSC Water's Board of Ethics or whichever agency has jurisdiction to enforce the law.

Inspector General Position

Position Announcement - Inspector General

If interested in the Inspector General position, please reach out to our search partner Darren DeGioia with JDG Associates Ltd. WSSC Water | Inspector General Search

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Office of the Inspector General

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