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Plumbing and Fuel Gas plans are required for most commercial construction. Follow these guidelines for submitting plans to give your project a smooth start.

Plumbing and Fuel Gas Plans

WSSC Water code officials have the authority to waive plan submittal requirements under certain conditions. These condition include circumstances when the commercial work includes 10 or fewer plumbing fixtures and/or three or fewer gas appliances. However, plans will not be waived for the following scenarios: :

  • Food Service Establishments, due to necessary Fats, Oils, and Grease abatement evaluation
  • Fuel gas system with more than three appliances on the entire gas system (existing plus new)
  • Shell building construction
  • Any building with a new or upgraded water, sewer, or metering scheme

Requirements for submitting plans

Plans must include floor plans to scale; schematics for fuel gas, waste and vent and water piping riser diagrams, and - where appropriate - details such as meter room layout, equipment schedules, backflow prevention device details, elevations and site plans, material and fixture specifications, fixture clearances, etc. Submittals will be accepted from a registered WSSC Water Master Plumber/Gas Fitter or from a Registered Maryland Professional Engineer.

Before submitting plans, please see these important notices and the handy checklist:

Submitting plans electronically

An applicant first must apply for a Long Form Plumbing /Fuel Gas Permit via WSSC Water’s ePermitting electronic permit system. The Permits Services Section will review the application, then forward it to the Plans Review office, which determines if plans are required and assigns a plan number. When the plan number is assigned, an email is sent to the applicant to let them know plans can be uploaded into ePlan Review.

  • Where only the Master Plumber/Gasfitter was designated on the permit application, the plumber will receive the Applicant Upload email notice, and only that designated licensee can upload into ePlan Review.
  • Where a “Plans Submitter” was designated on the permit application, the Plans Submitter will receive the Applicant Upload email notice, and only the Plans Submitter can upload into ePlan Review. The licensee may only view the project.
  • Where an engineer submits on behalf of a project, they must be selected as a Plans Submitter on the permit application in order to upload.
  • New Users: The initial email you receive for the ePlan Review system will include a temporary password for registering.
  • Plan Status: Emails with the plan review status will be sent automatically as we review the plan. When the plan status is approved, the Plans Reviewer will also approve the permit application and return it to Permits Services for “Final Processing.” Typically, the applicant will receive their next notification from the ePermitting system that the permit application is “Awaiting Payment.”

ePlan review resources

These links will take you to helpful ePlan Review tools, resources and instructions. (The information also can be found on the ePlan Review site.)

Important reminders

  • Permit applications will be canceled if the required plans are not submitted within 30 days of a plan number assignment.
  • Paper-based submittals are no longer allowed.

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For Plan Review general inquiries, you can reach this office at 301-206-8886 (1-800-828-6439, extension 8886) or email us a

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