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WSSC Water Plumbing and Gasfitting Regulations require that in Montgomery and Prince George's counties, most plumbing projects must be done by a WSSC Water-licensed plumber or gasfitter. This ensures that installations meet minimum Code requirements. Examples of work that must be performed by a licensed plumber or gasfitter include work for construction of a new home; water/sewer service line repairs and replacements; interior re-piping, and all gas work such as furnace, gas water heater and gas appliance replacements and any other fuel gas work.

When selecting a plumber or gasfitter, remember:

  • Always inquire before you hire
  • Get a contract in writing
  • Make them finish half-way before you pay

The plumber or gasfitter must provide you with their WSSC Water license number, which you can verify by calling our Licensing Office at 301-206-8588. For tips on selecting a plumber, see the Find a Plumber FAQs page.

Inspections for Short Form Permit work

To schedule inspection for work performed under a Short Form permit, obtain the Short Form permit number from the licensed plumber or gasfitter, then call 301-206-4004. You can also call the interactive voice response system at 301-206-8383.

In general, the plumber or gasfitter who performed the work does not have to be present for the short form inspection. However, the homeowner or their representative must escort the inspector for inside and backyard inspections. Inspectors will not enter yards or homes where dogs or animals are unattended.

Plumbing work by homeowners

Homeowners are allowed to do some plumbing work on their own, as specified in the sections of the Code mentioned below. To learn more, review Section 106.9 of the Plumbing and Fuel Gas Code. To learn about permits and forms you will need, see the Residential Permits page. Remember that if permits are required, all permit applications must be submitted through the online ePermitting system. Paper applications are no longer accepted.

Find out what work is not allowed by Homeowners

Fire sprinkler systems and lawn irrigation systems

In 2007, WSSC Water adopted the International Plumbing and Fuel Gas Codes. Residential permits issued between 2007 and 2009 required a testable backflow assembly for the fire sprinkler system. The assembly was tested at installation, and a WSSC Water test tag with the test date was attached. By code, this backflow assembly must be tested annually.

The WSSC Water Code now allows a non-testable backflow device (ASSE 1024) for residential fire sprinkler system protection and homeowners may elect to replace their testable fire sprinkler backflow assembly with a non-testable ASSE 1024 device. A Short Form permit is required if a plumbing contractor removes the testable assembly and installs a new non-testable device. If the testable assembly is replaced by the homeowner, they must contact the Cross-Connection office (see below for contact information) to have the testable assembly removed from WSSC Water backflow records and discontinue mailing of past due letters. 

Permits issued for sub-meters with backflow preventers for lawn irrigation systems require an annual test. It is recommended that this assembly be tested in the spring before operating the irrigation system.

All testable backflow preventers must be tested annually to ensure the safety of the potable drinking water in your home. For further information, contact the Cross-Connection Control office in Montgomery County at 301-206-7932 or Prince George’s County at 301-206-8601.

Last Modified: May 2, 2023, 2:12 pm EDT