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In addition to providing you with clean, safe water and excellent service, WSSC Water is committed to assuring you of our financial integrity. Our Finance Office works every day to ensure we keep that pledge.

The Finance Office is made up of five divisions: Accounting, Budget, Disbursements, Retirement, and Revenue. The work of each division contributes to our overall mission: to maintain WSSC Water's fiscal integrity while ensuring that customers receive the most value at the lowest price.

Among our many responsibilities, we develop WSSC Water's long-term fiscal plan by accurately forecasting revenue and expenses; advise leadership on long-range financial plans and policies; develop and manage a sound operating budget and capital budget, and recommend ways to improve WSSC Water's efficiency.

The areas of focus of our divisions are:

  • Accounting: Maintains WSSC Water's financial books and records, and prepares financial statements
  • Budget: Formulates and administers our Operating Budget, Capital Budget, and the six-year Capital Improvements Program.
  • Revenue: Receives, deposits and records all funds WSSC Water receives
  • Disbursement: Distributes employees' paychecks and pays contractors and vendors for their services
  • Retirement: Manages the Employees' Retirement Plan and monitors the retirement trust fund

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Finance Office

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