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Crystal Knight-Lee

Chief of Staff

Crystal serves as a liaison between the General Manager/CEO and WSSC Water’s Senior Management Team, key stakeholders, and community representatives. She is responsible for ensuring an accurate flow of information, facilitating implementation of key projects and initiatives, and providing support and guidance to the GM/CEO and deputy general managers. 

With more than 20 years leadership experience in service roles for government, non-profit and consulting sectors, Crystal enjoys building customer relationships. She is compassionate about all customers having access to safe, clean and affordable water.

Crystal earned her B.S. in Management from Towson University and an M.S. in Applied Behavioral Science from Johns Hopkins’ Carey Business School. She also earned a post-graduate certificate in strategic management from the University of San Diego.

She loves photography, football, and volunteering in her local community, including serving as a sponsor mom for midshipmen at the US Naval Academy.