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Effective Oct. 1, 2018 all WSSC Water trade exams will be based on the following three code editions: the 2018 WSSC  Water Plumbing and Fuel Gas Code; the 2018 International Plumbing Code; and the 2018 International Fuel Gas Code.

Note: WSSC Water’s Code Book is a free download or available for purchase at the Permits Counter (see Fees & Charges under Permit Services quick links; both ICC code books are available at


Master Plumber

A WSSC Water Master Plumbers license shall authorize the licensee to provide plumbing and sewer and drain cleaning services.

Master Gasfitter

A WSSC Water Master Gasfitter license shall authorize the licensee to provide gas fitting services.

Journeyman Plumber

A WSSC Water Journeyman license shall authorize the licensee to provide plumbing and sewer and drain cleaning services under the direction and control of a WSSC Water licensed Master Plumber.

Journeyman Gasfitter

A WSSC Water Journeyman Gasfitter license shall authorize the licensee to provide gas fitting services under the direction and control of a WSSC Water Master Gasfitter.

WSSC Water Exams

WSSC Water Exams – Master Plumbing, Master Gas Fitting, Journeyman Plumbing and Journeyman Gasfitter
The exams are administered by PSI. All of a candidate’s requirements and qualifications can be found in the PSI Application.

At the completion of the test, the PSI center will issue you an exam score report. If you have a passing score, instructions on how to obtain a WSSC Water license will be printed on the report and presented below.

Reciprocal License

WSSC Water reciprocates all plumbing and gasfitting license types with the State of Maryland and the Commonwealth of Virginia, although an apprentice license need not be reciprocated.

To apply, see Application procedures below.

A license (in good standing) from any other State and the District of Columbia qualifies an applicant for WSSC Water examination, see WSSC Water Code Section 115 for specific requirements.

Apprentice License

Applicants garnering no trade experience may apply for an apprentice license for one of the following types: plumbing, gasfitting, or the combination of plumbing & gasfitting.

An Apprentice license shall be issued without an expiration date and remains in good standing until he/she progresses up to the Journeyman level or until otherwise deactivated.

An Apprentice license authorizes an individual to only assist in providing plumbing/gasfitting services; meaning an apprentice shall not work alone on a job site without direct supervision by an appropriate Journeyman or Master level licensee.

Sewer and Drain Cleaning License

Applicants will qualify for a sewer and drain cleaning license after working 3750 hours (two years), under the supervision of a licensed Sewer and Drain Cleaner or Master Plumber.

Applicants shall provide proof of experience and reference letters, see WSSC Water Code Section 114.6.

Journeyman Plumbers exceed requirements for a Sewer and Drain Cleaners license. A Journeyman Plumber does not have to also register as a Sewer and Drain Cleaner.

Licensed Sewer and Drain Cleaners or Journeyman Plumbers who desire to own or represent a Sewer and Drain Cleaning business shall apply to become a Principal Sewer and Drain Cleaner. See Application procedures below.

License Application Procedures

Congratulations, if you have recently passed a WSSC Water examination. Those in possession of a passing score report from PSI (WSSC Water’s examination service provider) must register with WSSC Water.  

Your passing score is not automatically forwarded to WSSC Water. In order to activate your license, you must apply for a new (or upgraded) license using the registration procedures outlined below.

Additionally, apprentice and reciprocal license applicants, as well as sewer and drain cleaner license applicants, must apply for a new (or upgraded) license using the registration procedures outlined below.

The WSSC Water licensing process is now, an online (web-based) process. You may begin the process in the comfort of your home or business, or anywhere with an internet connection. You may also begin by visiting WSSC Water’s Permit Services Center (One-Stop-Shop) and using one of the customer kiosk available, see address below.

After submittal of the online application, new and upgraded license applicants will be required to appear in person. While basic renewals are able to be completed entirely online.

Using the internet, go to On the WSSC Water home page, under Quick Links (on right side), click on ePermitting System.

On the ePermitting home page, you will begin by selecting [Register] (only if you have never created an online account with WSSC Water before).  If you are an existing registered user, please simply select [Log On].

Next, pass your cursor over Licensing (top right) and click on Create License, on the next screen you will see two different fields [Type] and [Classification], that have drop down selections pick the appropriate Type of license and Classification, then complete application. Note: for existing license holders, you will also use Create License to apply for a license upgrade (as the result of this exam); do not select Renew License to apply for an upgrade.

As part of completing your new (or upgraded) license application or a renewal application, you must attach/upload the following images or documents (pdf is the preferred file format), as applicable:

  • A copy of your current Driver’s License or State issued photo ID (all license applications, every time).
  • A copy of this score sheet. (applies to examined applicants only) You may apply for plumbing and gas together (meaning you held one until you passed the other; in this case, attach both).
  • A copy of your current Cross Connection certificate (applies to Plumbing applicants only).
  • A copy of your certificate of insurance (principal masters only – those wishing to register a business, obtain permits, and schedule inspections or principal sewer and drain cleaners only). The certificate should have your name, the company name you will be representing, and listing WSSC Water as the ‘Certificate Holder’.

After WSSC Water staff reviews your application, all applicants (following a successful exam) and any other first-time licensee, will be asked to appear in person to complete the registration process:

            WSSC Water Permit Services Section, Licensing Office
            One Stop Shop – Lobby Level 
            14501 Sweitzer Lane
            Laurel, Maryland 20707     

Be sure to bring your current Driver’s license or State issued photo ID, and where applicable, your original score sheet and original Cross Connection certificate for validation. Payment will be made through the ePermitting system (CC or ACH) at the ePermitting Kiosk or at the Licensing Counter you can pay by (Cash, Money Order, Check).

Three important notes:

  1. A successful exam candidate must register for their license within four (4) years of this exam date or the score report will be null and void and the candidate must re-qualify and re-examine, see WSSC Water Code 113.12.1.
  2. For Journeyman candidates wishing to later qualify for the master exam(s), the two years of additional experience needed to qualify begins when you have obtained your license through proper registration. The date on your score sheet does not apply to the required experience needed.
  3. If you have any questions, please send us an email at and include a phone number so we can reply either by phone or email. 


For fees related to the registration, renewal or reciprocation of Master Plumber, Master Gasfitter, Journeyman, or Apprentice License as well as Cross-connection Technician, Sewer and Drain Cleaners, please read Approved License Fees.

*Lapse of registration and/or insurance renders a WSSC Water license invalid, and no work authorized by the license may proceed until WSSC Water registration is made current.

*If a WSSC Water licensed Plumber or Gasfitter fails to renew his/her license within four years of the date of expiration; or if a passing examinee fails to register within four years of the date of passing notification; the licensee or applicant will be required to re-apply for licensure with WSSC Water in accordance with licensure requirements in effect at the time of reapplication.

*If a WSSC Water​ licensed Sewer and Drain Cleaner fails to renew his/her license within two years of the date of expiration, the licensee will be required to re-apply for licensure with WSSC Water in accordance with licensure requirements in effect at the time of reapplication.

*If a WSSC Water licensed Cross-Connection Technician fails to renew his/her cross connection certification (by successful completion of an 8-hour refresher class) prior of certification expiration, the licensee may be required to re-take the 32-hour cross connection certification program in order to regain WSSC Water licensure as a certified Cross-Connection Technician.

Cross Connection Training Providers

The WSSC Water accepts certification from the following Approved Cross Connection and Backflow Prevention Certified Course Instructors.

Contact Info

phone: 301-206-8588

WSSC Water Permit Services
Licensing Office
One Stop/Shop - Lobby Level
14501 Sweitzer Lane
Laurel, MD 20707



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