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First Time Installation and Replacement Gas Appliances

In general, all first time installations or replacement of natural gas or LP gas appliances require a WSSC Water permit and inspection by a WSSC Water Plumbing Inspector within 10 business days of the installation. 

Master Plumber/Gasfittter’s (Licensee) are required by Code to have the WSSC Water permit and discuss the required inspection prior to commencing work. 

Please keep in mind that it is critical that the very important safety inspection we perform is completed in a timely fashion, we are here to protect you and your family. 

The Licensee is responsible for being certain that this inspection is performed within this 10 day window. 

Inspections can be scheduled up to three business days in advance. Inspections are performed Monday- Friday between 7:30AM and 2:30PM with the exception of holidays or inclement weather. For additional information please visit Procedure for Short Form Inspections.

For actual language, please review WSSC Water Code Sections 106.1.1, 106.1.2, and within the WSSC Plumbing & Fuel Gas Codes.

You should also be aware that the Licensee is responsible for notifying WSSC Water if you fail to allow for the inspection to happen within the given timeframe, it can affect your warranties from the manufacturer, and those provided by the Licensee (one year from the date of final inspection approval).

Please see Code Sections, and

When we are notified that you have refused the inspection we will be contacting you to verify and attempt to have you schedule the inspection.

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