Brighton Dam Rehabilitation Project

Brighton Dam project has been completed.
The project took 975 days to complete, starting from April 17, 2017 (Notice to Proceed date) to December 17, 2019.
The following activities were carried out and are fully completed:
  1. Intake Tower
    1. Replaced bar screens
    2. Replaced sluice gates
  2. 13 Tainter Gates
    1. Strengthened the gates by adding a structural member
    2. Replaced rusted gates structural members
    3. Replaced the coating on the gates
    4. Replaced all gates seals 
    5. Replaced all gates flashboards
    6. Replaced heat trace equipment for all gates
  3. Spillway and buttress
    1. Replaced spillway concrete surface
    2. Fixed spalling concrete on spillway and buttress

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The Brighton Dam went into service in 1944 with the primary purpose of providing source drinking water for WSSC customers.  Located on Brighton Dam Road, Brookeville, it spans the Patuxent River between Montgomery and Howard counties, it created the Triadelphia Reservoir. The reservoir holds approximately 6.3 billion gallons of source drinking water that is released into the Patuxent River and then captured by T. Howard Duckett Reservoir and then to the Water Filtration Plant for treatment. The Patuxent Plant produces approximately 30 percent of the drinking water for WSSC customers. 

The dam is structurally sound, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and MDE inspect the dam regularly and has found that the dam is well maintained and structurally sound.  The work was performed to make repairs to the 70-year-old structure to prolong the Dam’s life into the future.

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