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The Utility Services Department oversees a wide range of responsibilities to keep water flowing to you.

The Utility Services Department includes the Utility Services North, West, Central and South Divisions; Meter Services; Pipeline Infrastructure Strategic Planning; Utility Services Learning and Development; Water/Wastewater Systems Assessment, and the Emergency Services Center. The department plans, directs, coordinates and supervises the repair and maintenance of water distribution and wastewater collection systems assets as well as meter operations. The department is led by Utility Services Director, Glen Diaz.

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The Utility Services Department includes:

Utility Services North (Gaithersburg Depot), West (Lyttonsville Depot), Central (Anacostia Depot) and South (Temple Hills Depot) Divisions

These divisions are responsible for ensuring an accurate accounting of water use (primarily through regular meter maintenance); reducing the number of sewer backups and overflows; timely repair of broken water mains, and timely repair of broken or backed-up sewer mains and their associated house connections.

Emergency Services Center

The Emergency Services Center is committed to providing world-class customer service.  The call center operates 24/7/365 and is responsible handling customer calls and quickly dispatching technicians to inspect and repair water and sewer related emergencies. Emergencies include, but are not limited to, water main breaks, discolored water complaints, leaking meters, service leaks, and sewer overflows.  In addition, the team communicates and coordinates with various stakeholders to ensure that service disruptions are minimal.

Learning and Development Division

This division is responsible for developing and implementing the Utility Services Department training program; keeping the Utility Services Department abreast of changes taking place in the industry and suggesting course of direction to keep the department on the cutting edge.

Meter Services Division

The primary objective of this division is to have an accurate accounting of water use primarily through scheduled meter readings and regular meter maintenance. Meter Services is the largest division within the Utility Services Department covering approximately 1,000 square-miles of service area and maintain approximately 500,000 water meters. This division also provides potable water through its fire hydrant meter rental program and operates a state-of-the-art meter testing facility.

Pipeline Infrastructure - Strategic Planning Division

The Pipeline Infrastructure Strategic Planning Division is committed to the collection of quality data that assists in the management and administration of predictive and preventive maintenance activities impacting our pipeline infrastructure.  We are responsible for utilizing the data to plan and schedule maintenance activities, develop water and wastewater asset management plans, and improve business workflows within the Utility Services Department.

We are steadfast on ensuring that the WSSC Water Asset Management Program implementations meet the needs of strategic investment planning for the water/wastewater underground linear infrastructure.

Water/Wastewater Systems Assessment Division

The Water/Wastewater Systems Assessment Division ensures the proper maintenance and operation of the wastewater collection and the water transmission & distribution systems. Its responsibilities include sewer pipe cleaning, line blockage analysis, administration of the SSO Consent Decree, closed circuit televising of pipes, inspection of trunk sewer lines, flow monitoring, pipeline rehabilitation and replacement recommendations, design and construction support, and Sewer System Evaluation Surveys. It also oversees small and large valve exercising and repairs; metallic water mains condition assessment and prioritization for replacement, and Pre-stressed Concrete Cylinder Pipe condition assessment and monitoring.

Utility Services

Alison Ford

Utility Services South (Temple Hills Depot) Division Manager

Tom Green

Utility Services West (Lyttonsville Depot) Division Manager

Tara Jones

Learning and Development Division Manager (Acting)

Monet Lea

Pipeline Infrastructure - Strategic Planning Division Manager (Acting)

Yvette Parker

Water/Wastewater Systems Assessment Division Manager (Acting)

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