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WSSC Water is a state-created bi-county agency uniquely governed by Prince George’s County and Montgomery County. Each County Executive appoints three commissioners, who alternate chairmanships, with the consent of their respective County Councils. The Montgomery County and Prince George’s County councils approve WSSC Water’s capital and operating budgets annually.

The Montgomery County Delegation and Prince George’s County Delegation work in Annapolis on a number of issues that impact WSSC Water both directly and indirectly. At the state level, WSSC Water’s governing legislation is defined and amended. As a bi-county agency, WSSC Water introduces legislation at the state level (via the delegations).

The Annapolis Observer is WSSC Water’s weekly updated from Annapolis. It is published weekly during the legislative session (January – April). Sign up here to receive it today.

Last Modified: January 22, 2021, 1:49 pm EST