Environmental Stewardship

WSSC Water’s Environmental Stewardship Program Protects Our Resources

WSSC Water is committed to protecting the natural environment of Prince George’s and Montgomery counties as we carry out our mandate to provide sanitary sewer and drinking water services. This commitment is reflected in our core value, environmental stewardship, which serves to guide and incorporate behavior and decision making into WSSC Water’s investments into green buildings, pollution prevention and control, renewable energy, water quality, and climate change adaptation.

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New Green Bond Framework Finalized

Greenhouse Gas Action Plan Approved

Education Environmental Stewardship Program
In support of the green bonds to be issued by WSSC Water, a framework has been created that follows the four pillars of the Green Bond Principles: Use of Proceeds; Evaluation and Selection Process; Management of Proceeds; and Reporting.

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The action plan includes strategies to reduce future Greenhouse Gas emissions at WSSC Water by 10 percent every five years through the year 2030 using demonstrated technologies and practices available at the present time.

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We believe that people who have an understanding of a natural area will take strides to protect that area. This is why we promote safe and responsible recreation on over 6,000 acres of WSSC Water-owned property along the Patuxent River. 

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