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The future is under construction in Accokeek, Maryland, and it's being built by WSSC Water.

The future is taking shape in Accokeek, Maryland, in the form of a cutting-edge water treatment and green energy project. WSSC Water is transforming the way the Piscataway Water Resource Recovery Facility will handle waste from five existing water resource recovery facilities. The Piscataway Bioenergy Project - the largest and most technically advanced project ever constructed by WSSC Water - will use innovative technology to recover resources and produce green energy. In the coming years, the Piscataway plant will evolve into a bioenergy production facility that uses efficiency, technology and sustainability to enhance the region's environmental and financial health. This $271 million project is expected to serve our customers for the next 100 years.

rendering of proposed bioenergy construction

The Piscataway Bioenergy Project will transform how WSSC Water handles biosolids - the nutrient-rich organic materials produced by the wastewater treatment process - from five existing water resource recovery facilities. Using cutting-edge technology, the new facility will significantly reduce the amount of biosolids left over from the treatment process, thus reducing costs to haul and dispose of the product. The biosolids will be significantly cleaner "Class A" biosolids, making the disposal process much easier and allowing the final product to be sold and distributed as fertilizer. With cleaner Class A biosolids, WSSC Water will save money by eliminating the use of lime, which is applied to Class B biosolids to control odor


The Piscataway bioenergy facility is expected to lower operating costs by $3 million per year while reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 15%.

This new process is forecast to reduce operating costs by more than $3 million per year, which will save money for our customers. An added benefit: The process that creates the Class A biosolids will generate methane gas that can be used to power the plant, reducing WSSC Water's greenhouse gas emissions by 15 percent. Taken together, these benefits show that WSSC Water's investment in this bioenergy facility is both environmentally friendly and financially sound. The Piscataway Water Resource Recovery Facility will become WSSC Water’s showcase for maximizing value by investing in a green future.

The Piscataway Bioenergy facility is expected to be operational in spring 2024.

site overview then and now june 2020 to may 2021


March 2021 Aerial Overview of Progress

Aerial view in March 2021 of Bioenergy Construction Project
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