Piscataway Bio-Energy Project

Piscataway Bio-Energy RenderingThe Piscataway Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) Bio-Energy Project will implement innovative and unique biosolids processing facilities to create an Exceptional Quality, Class A biosolids product while generating green energy through offsets of diesel energy, reducing biosolids trucking, and reducing greenhouse gases.  The biosolids from all of WSSC’s wastewater treatment plants will be processed at the Piscataway WWTP through a thermal hydrolysis system, followed by anaerobic digestion and final dewatering.  The gas generated from the anaerobic digestion process may be beneficially used as vehicle fuel, and clean natural gas will be used to generate electricity to meet the majority of the Piscataway WWTP demands.  The project is in the design phase with an expected construction completion in late 2021.

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