Green Energy

Wise Use of Energy and Energy Recovery 

WSSC Water has used renewable energy for over 80 years. WSSC Water has been recognized by the US EPA as an environmental leader. In alignment with the State of Maryland and the jurisdictions that it serves, WSSC Water adopted a greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reduction goal. This goal will reduce emissions 10 percent every five years through 2050 for a total reduction of 80 percent (below the baseline year of 2005). Over the past 10 years, WSSC Water’s diverse Energy Management Program has provided overall annual cost savings of $3.5 - 4 million.

The mission of the WSSC Water Energy Management Program is to support environmental stewardship and efficient procurement practices that are strategic priorities. Due to the high cost and environmental impacts of energy demand and consumption, energy management is critical to WSSC Water performing at the highest levels of service in these areas. Wind, solar and hydropower are just a few of the technologies WSSC Water employs for energy efficiency during the water filtration and treatment processes. We continually work to create cost-effective and environmentally-friendly solutions to our energy needs.  

Additionally, as part of WSSC Water's efforts to reduce energy and biosolids management costs at our water resource recovery facilities, we have an upcoming project for anaerobic digestion. This process could allow WSSC Water to lower its dependence on carbon-based fuels while reducing the amount of solids produced at the plants.

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