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Empower Your Savings 

The Human Resources Office is pleased to announce a new Standard Procedure (SP), Chapter 1.50, Deferred Compensation Plan Investment Committee Charter. The purpose of this SP is to establish an Investment Committee to manage the WSSC Water Deferred Compensation Plan. The committee, which includes Commissioner Chris Lawson, Deputy General Manager of Administration Joe Beach,  Chief Financial Officer Patti Colihan, Director of Human Resources DeAnna Thomas and Retirement & Investment Division Manager Rick Baker, is authorized to be the investment fiduciary responsible for the prudent management of our Deferred Compensation Plan and its participants. The committee also selects investment managers and consultants for the Plan and ensures a diverse range of asset class options for the participants to choose from. The SP has been published in the Manual of Standard Procedures, Title 1 – Governance.  

WSSC Water’s 457(b) Deferred Compensation Plan!

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