WSSC Civil Drafting Standards

WSSC’s Engineering & Environmental Services Division has developed an AutoCAD Civil Drafting Standard, to help ensure civil plans submitted to WSSC appear graphically consistent through use of published Civil Drafting Standards. At this page you can find WSSC’s Civil Drafting Standards, as well as AutoCAD Sheet Files (By Division) and the latest version of WSSC’s Standard Sediment Control sheet in pdf format.

The WSSC Civil Drafting Standards (zip file) contains a library of layers, line types, line weights, blocks, supporting files. You are encouraged to utilize the provided files, although not mandatory at this time the use of these files will ensure adherence with WSSC Civil Drafting Standards. If chosen not to utilize these files, you are still required to submit plans adhering to the plotted line types, line weights, blocks, etc. as defined by the WSSC Civil Drafting standards PDF. 

Note: Please read and understand the READ ME FILE located within the zip folder before utilizing the files provided.

Civil Drafting Standards

  • WSSC 2020 Civil Drafting
    • Zip File Contents:
      • !READ ME FILE FY20.pdf
      • WSSC 2020_Civil Drafting Standards.dwg
      • WSSC 2020_Civil Drafting Standards.pdf
      • WSSC 2020_Block Library (Folder)
      • WSSC_2020_Linetypes.lin (Linetype File)
      • WSSC_2020_Shp.shp (Shape File)
      • WSSC_2020_Shx.shx (Shape Font File)
      • WSSC_2020_STB.stb (Plot Style File)

AutoCAD Sheet Files (By Division)

Standard Sediment Control Sheet

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