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Pipeline Construction General Conditions & Standards Specifications

The 2020 WSSC Water General Conditions and Standard Specifications are effective as of February 7, 2020

Hardcopies of the 2020 General Conditions and Standard Specifications (without binders) can be purchased at the One Stop Shop in the Lobby Level at the RGH Building, 14501 Sweitzer Lane, Laurel, Maryland 20707.

Pipeline Construction General Conditions




Pipeline Construction Standards Specifications

Note: The links below will take you to e-Builder. If you have never used e-Builder, you will need to register and then log in to access the documents.

If you notice a Design Manual specification or standard detail that is out of date, visit this page to submit a revision request.

WSSC Water​ Facility Guide Specifications are now available and required reference for designing facility projects, including plants, elevated tanks, pump stations and control valve vaults. Contact your WSSC Water project manager for further information.

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General Conditions and Standard Specifications (2011)

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