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Cross-Connection Questions answered

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Cross Connection Questions

In general, homeowners can and should become more knowledgeable in the subject of backflow prevention. So if you are reading this, Thank You! More specifically, a homeowner can install or replace “non-testable” backflow devices. See specific “hands-on” related information for the various fixtures, appliances, and/or water end-uses described below. Installation, repair, replacement and/or testing of “testable” backflow assemblies shall be performed by a licensed Plumbing Services firm.

Besides being the water purveyor for much of Prince George’s and Montgomery Counties, MD, WSSC Water is also the plumbing inspection jurisdictional authority as established under Maryland law (Public Utilities Article). Per MD law, and subsequently, the WSSC Water Plumbing Code, only plumbing firms trading under the license of a registered/insured master plumber may provide plumbing services which include the installation, testing, and replacement of any “testable” backflow assembly. Under the supervision of the registered master plumber, the firm may employ other licensed master plumbers or journeyman plumbers to perform general plumbing services. These individuals must be further certified to provide cross connection-related services such as testing and repairing/rebuilding “testable” backflow assemblies.

Courtesy List of Service Providers

Here is a Certified CC Tech List who have declared they provide this specialty line of services. WSSC Water has validated their licensing credentials, but does not endorse these firms; you are free to choose any licensed firm.

No, there is no supporting rationale for ignoring a hazard based on how old it is; it will be the current negative event/usage that may harm or sicken you or others around you. The current Plumbing Code requires everyone to follow modern backflow protection requirements.

No, water meters are generally on metering devices. Auxiliary backflow protections are needed based on the downstream usage.

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  • Montgomery County - (301)-206-7932.
  • Prince George’s County - (301)-206-8601
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