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The Communications & Community Engagement Office is the public face of WSSC Water

This office's key responsibility is to keep the public informed on everything from maintenance work to crisis communications. On any given day, staffers issue press releases, manage media relations, respond to press inquiries, monitor social media and promote WSSC Water's people and services. The office also produces website content and numerous publications, such as WSSC Water's annual report, the "Customer Pipe Line" newsletter, the Water Quality Report and informational pieces.  

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The Communications & Community Engagement Office includes:

External Communications/Livestream

One of WSSC Water's strategic priorities is to achieve and maintain relationships and partnerships with our customers and other stakeholders. This section distributes important information and educates the public about WSSC Water through meetings, marketing materials, media relations and social media. For more information on the External Communications/Livestream section, call us at 301-206-8100.

Internal Communications

This section conveys WSSC Water's key messages through communications to our employees through various communication methods to accelerate employee engagement and culture.  

Web Content and Design

This section works to capture the essence of WSSC Water, from maintaining fresh website content on both inter-and-intranets to providing compelling graphic imagery to explain information in simpler terms, to compelling photography that documents the history of WSSC Water and its employees.

Customer Engagement & Advocacy Division

The Customer Engagement & Advocacy Division serves as a voice for customers by helping resolve complex customer service issues and growing customer relationships face-to-face. We inform communities and stakeholders about WSSC Water priorities and projects and promote Financial Assistance and other key initiatives. Additionally, our team develops, promotes, and manages WSSC Water's community outreach with a particular focus on disadvantaged communities and environmental justice areas.

The four areas of our Division are:

Customer engagement and advocacy

Communications & Community Engagement Office

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