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Dams and Reservoirs

Three dams in the WSSC Water service area provide drinking water to our 1.9 million customers in Prince George’s County and Montgomery County. These include the Brighton Dam and T. Howard Duckett dams , which span the Patuxent River and create the Triadelphia and T. Howard Duckett reservoirs. WSSC Water also owns and operates the Little Seneca Dam.

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Water Storage Tanks

Above-ground water storage tanks are an important part of WSSC Water's distribution system. The stored water supplements the water distribution system during times of peak water demand, such as in the morning when many of us are preparing for work and school. Storage tanks also provide reserve capacity to meet water needs during emergencies such as fires, power outages, pipeline breaks and other incidents.


The number of gallons of water stored in WSSC Water reservoirs.

Clinton Zone Water Storage Project

The Clinton Zone Water Storage Project was recently completed. It will help support water service to the southern part of Prince Georges County. It created the Brandywine Elevated Water Storage Facility and several other improvements, including new water mains.  

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Other regional storage tanks include:

  • Collington Center Elevated Water Storage Tank
  • Camp Springs Elevated Water Storage Tank
  • Brandywine Elevated Water Storage Facility
  • Clarksburg Elevated Water Storage Facility
Last Modified: December 20, 2021, 10:31 am EST