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Al Roshdieh

General Services Director

Al is the Director of General Services, responsible for Fleet Services, Materials Management, Sustainability, Real Estate Development and Support Services. A proven leader, Al has guided many of WSSC Water’s initiatives, including implementing an enterprise-wide Document Management System and transforming the WSSC Water depots through public-private partnership to attain new facilities at no or low cost.

Al also enhanced WSSC Water’s energy conservation and sustainability programs by improving and expanding our recycling program; equipping our fleet with new electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles; providing electric vehicle charging stations for fleet and employee personal use; establishing WSSC Water as a biogas supplier in Maryland and expanding the use of green energy through solar and wind projects.

A graduate of the University of Maryland with a degree in engineering, Al has received U.S. patents for his inventions in the fields of electronic controls and energy conservation. Outside of WSSC Water, Al enjoys travel photography and cycling.