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WSSC Water to Amend WSSC Plumbing and Fuel Gas Code 

WSSC Water has approved a resolution to amend and update Chapter 14.25.010 of the WSSC Code of Regulations, the WSSC Plumbing and Fuel Gas Code (Code). The Code, which relates to regulations for plumbing, gasfitting, sewer and drain cleaning, site utility work, cross-connection control, and industrial and special waste, has various proposed changes or amendments. This edition of the Code shall be known as the 2021 WSSC Plumbing and Fuel Gas Code. The Code adopts, with amendments, the 2021 editions of the International Plumbing Code and International Fuel Gas Code.

The 2021 WSSC Plumbing and Fuel Code will become effective April 1 and may be viewed on the WSSC Water website at:

For additional code-related information, contact Technical Standards Engineering Manager Chris Imhof at or 301-206-8514.