Understand Your Household Water Usage

It is important for customers to know their household water usage patterns. Be sure to notice drastic changes to your Average Daily Consumption (ADC). How to Read My Bill

High bills can be the result of higher water usage, longer billing cycles or problems with your household plumbing or fixtures, such as leaks - especially toilet leaks which are typically silent. Learn more.

NOTE: Customers and/or property owners are responsible for maintaining all plumbing on private property and paying for water that registers on the meter, including water lost due to leak(s).

New High Bill Adjustments Regulation Effective March 5, 2018

Important changes have been made to our policy for adjustments to high bills. Single-unit residential customers can now request a high bill adjustment every three years, if certain criteria are met (the previous policy was once every seven years). This change represents a $2 million investment by WSSC Water toward improving service to our customers.  Read more.

WSSC Water has several ways that we assist customers who experience high bills.

Learn more about water usage, leak detection, and other commonly asked questions.

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