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Laurel, Md. – March 17, 2024 – WSSC Water crews quickly responded to a Sanitary Sewer Overflow (SSO) today in Mount Rainier. The overflow, which was detected at 7:19 a.m. and ended at 1:22 p.m., was caused when water from a broken DC Water water main entered sewer manholes in Maryland. The total volume of this overflow is estimated to be 14,520 gallons of untreated wastewater entering a nearby storm drain. WSSC Water crews cleaned the impacted area and posted a sign at the storm drain entrance to alert residents. 

The broken water main occurred near Rhode Island Avenue and Monroe Street on DC Water’s system, near the Maryland/DC border. The water from the broken water main entered WSSC Water’s sewer system causing the SSO, which impacted two homes – one on Otis Street and one on Eastern Avenue in Mount Rainier. The SSO ended when DC Water crews were able to shut down the water main, thereby stopping the flow from entering the sewer system. 

Though caused by a broken main in DC Water’s system, WSSC Water crews have been in contact with impacted WSSC Water customers and will work to address any issues caused by the SSO. 

WSSC Water notified the Maryland Department of the Environment and the Prince George's County Health Department. 

WSSC Water is committed to protecting the health of the public and the environment. With more than 5,500 miles of sewer mains throughout its service area, WSSC Water appreciates notifications from citizens if a sewer overflow or water main break is suspected. Citizens can call WSSC Water’s 24-hour Emergency Call Center at 301-206-4002 to report water or sewer emergencies in Prince George’s or Montgomery counties. 

Customers can also report emergencies via email at, and those customers who have smartphones can report emergencies using the WSSC Water Mobile App.  

WSSC Water is the proud provider of safe, seamless and satisfying water services, making the essential possible every day for our neighbors in Montgomery and Prince George’s counties. We work to deliver our best because it’s what our customers expect and deserve.