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WSSC Water is Seeking Public Comment on Proposed Changes to the WSSC Plumbing and Fuel Gas Code

WSSC Water is proposing amendments to adopt the 2021 International Plumbing Code and the 2021 International Fuel Gas Code and also make some technical and administrative modifications to the 2018 WSSC Plumbing and Fuel Gas Code. The proposed changes have been preliminarily reviewed by the WSSC Plumbing and Fuel Gas Board and are being released for public comment. 

In addition, the proposed changes are being coordinated with interested stakeholders; including the Maryland National Capital Building Industry Association, the Apartment and Office Building Association of Metropolitan Washington, the Restaurant Association of Maryland, the Washington Suburban Master Plumbers Association, the Mechanical Contractors of America‐Metropolitan Washington chapter, the Association of Air Conditioning Professionals, the American Society of Plumbing Engineers, Washington Gas and governmental agencies; including Prince George’s County Departments of Permitting, Inspections and Enforcement and the Montgomery County  Departments of Permitting Services. 

The proposed draft follows this Notice of Intent. Additions are in ALL CAPS AND BOLD and deletions are surrounded by brackets [ ]

WSSC Water intends to adopt these new regulations following a public comment period. Written comments will be accepted until December 5, 2022 by emailing Christopher Imhof, Technical Standards Engineering Manager

Any other questions can be referred to:
Christopher Imhof

2021 WSSC Code Draft for Public Comment