Innovative companies aim to harness tomorrow’s ideas today.  To promote innovation, WSSC Water has created an Innovation and Research Program to oversee innovation-enhancing and research activities across the organization. The program team will organize and perform needs assessments at our plants to determine where research is required to optimize and streamline our processes, reduce energy consumption and generate revenue from our waste stream.  They will also be evaluating new products and technologies to improve the sustainability of our pipeline networks and reduce costs. WSSC Water is continually searching for new, innovative ideas and welcome opportunities with partners to achieve its goals.

Partner With Us

For partnering opportunities, contact business development:
Robert Hsu, Business Development Manager
Robert Hsu is Business Development Manager for WSSC Water. He is responsible for developing new lines of business and seeking out, evaluating and negotiating opportunities for WSSC Water to grow and augment its existing businesses.

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Last Modified: January 10, 2020, 1:02 pm EST