Discolored Water

Update – October 1, 2017 

WSSC has safely adjusted its water treatment at the Potomac Plant to reduce discolored water in the system. WSSC was able to make the treatment change because the levels of organic material (decayed leaves, river grasses, trees, vegetation) in the Potomac River have dropped. It is important to note, it will take weeks to fully resolve the discolored water issue as manganese works its way through WSSC's extensive water distribution system.

Please read the latest press release for details about the water treatment change. WSSC first detailed the discolored water situation on August 14, 2017, during a press conference at the Potomac Plant. Please read the August 14, 2017, press release here.

What Can Customers Do?

Patience is key right now. Customers can try running their cold water lines for a few minutes to see if the discoloration can be flushed out. However, most customers currently experiencing discolored water are seeing the change as a result of the water coming into the Potomac Water Filtration Plant from the river. Flushing likely will not help in this situation.

Please DO NOT run your washing machine if you have discolored water. Laundry could become stained. If this happens, immediately wash the clothes again using a rust remover product. This type of product is available in most supermarkets or WSSC will send you rust remover. Click here to email us a request. Please include your full mailing address. You can also call to request rust remover.  During regular business hours (Monday – Friday 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.) please call 301-206-8100 or all other hours, please call 301-206-4002.

Frequently Asked Questions



If you are experiencing discolored water, please call us at 301-206-4002, or email us at emergencycallcenter@wsscwater.com, so we can better track this issue.

WSSC does not recommend using discolored water to do laundry. If clothing gets stained, immediately wash the clothes again using a rust remover product. This type of product is available in most supermarkets or you can contact WSSC at 301-206-4002 or email us at communications@wsscwater.com and request a stain remover.



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