Water Usage

Outdoor Water Consumption

WSSC Water’s rates are based on a customers' average daily consumption (ADC). As your consumption increases, like during dry conditions, your rates will also increase.

Hose Size LBS. Pressure Per Sq Inch Time Gallons Used
1/2 Inch 60 1 Hour 630
5/8 Inch 60 1 Hour 1,020
3/4 Inch 60 1 Hour 1,860
Product Duration Frequency Gallons Per Month
Irrigation System 15 min (with 8 zones) 2 times/week 15,360
Sprinkler 1 hour 3 times/week 12,240

Irrigation Systems

On average a pop-up station (irrigation system) uses approximately 16 gallons per minute (GPM). Here is an example of how to calculate how much water is being used per month:

Number of Minutes x Number of Stations/Zones = Total Minutes
Total Minutes x Gallons per minute = Total Gallons used per watering cycle
Total Gallons per cycle x Number of days per month you water = Total gallons used per month

If your system has 8 stations, you water twice a week, and each station runs for 15 minutes, then you are using 1,920 gallons per day you water, or 15,360 gallons per month.


Running a typical sprinkler from a standard garden hose (5/8”) for one hour uses about 1,020 gallons of water; if you run it three times per week, that is about 12,240 gallons per month. If you run the sprinkler three times a week during a 90-day billing cycle, you will add about 36,000 gallons of water to your usage.

Indoor Water Consumption

Activity Gallons Used
Toilet Flushing (older models) 3.5 gallons per flush*
Shower (water running) 25 gallons per 5 min. shower
Bath (full tub)  3.6 gallons per day 
Laundry Machine  more than 20% of all water in home
Dishwasher 4-6 gallons fully loaded
Faucet 26.3 gallons per day
Brushing Teeth 4 gallons (tap running) per use
Washing Hands 2 gallons (tap running) per use

* The rate of consumption for water-saving devices or products significantly varies. Please check the plumbing fixture package to determine the merchandise's efficiency.

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